Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord for all that You have done in my life. Thank You Jesus for drawing me closer to yourself and for teaching me the truth that remains in my heart, healing and guiding. I praise You Lord for how wonderful You are, high above all creation, and I thank You that we are able to walk by your side and see Your great works throughout the world. Praise You Jesus. Lord, I pray that You would never let me leave Your side. That You would continually draw me near and help me to keep You in my focus. The best times of my life are in fellowship with You, and I don't want to drift away. Please be merciful with me as I am hard of heart and I need lots of grace and help. Please pour Your Spirit into my heart and life that I may be full of truth and power to do Your will. Praise You Jesus. I thank You for how wonderful You are. I thank You that You have called us into Your presence for all eternity, and that we will praise and worship you forever and ever. Amen.

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